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I have a report that had non-cascading slicers for Course College and Course Department. The report displays Course Section and Attempted Class Count. It made sense to have a cascading slicer for College and Department so I created one and it works great except that it added a Course College Column that displays "All Course Colleges" in every row. See the attached screenshot. Is there anyway not to display the Course College column?


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    • Laura_Kehoe.1
    • 4 yrs ago
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    You should be able to remove that by going into the elements of Course College hierarchy and de-selecting the parent "All Course Colleges" box. You can right click there and choose "Descendants" or you can reveal all elements and choose particular colleges to display in the list. I usually use multi-select list boxes, and then the "All" option will select all and display them individually instead of aggregated.

    • Ray_Buechler
    • 4 yrs ago
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    Thanks for the response. I probably needed to be a little clearer in my description of the issue I am having.

    I do not want the course college column period. Course College is not in the values. It is a formulation that I am bring into the report as a cascading slicer based on this article: https://help.pyramidanalytics.com/Content/Root/MainClient/apps/Formulate/Parameters/Manually%20Build%20Cascading%20Slicers.htm?Highlight=cascading%20filter

    Before creating the cascading slicer I had a Course College slicer and a Course Department slicer on the report. Only after I added the cascading college/department slicer was the Course College column added to the report.

    Another thing to point out is that if this report is on a Present slide with another report and I use the cascading slicer on the Present for the other report the Course College column is not added. 

    • burgundy_rose
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    Hi Ray, 

    If you are seeing a column in your results (in this case in a grid) it means that there is a "chip" selection in the drop zones.

    In this case from your screenshot above, it means that the "Course College" chip has been placed in the "Rows" drop zone. This may be a default action when selecting the "Course College" set or parameter that was created in the cascading slices operations.

    To remove it, it should be a simple case of removing the chip from the "Rows" drop zone, and instead placing it in the "Filters" drop zone. It may also be the case that the "Course College" chip is already in the filters, in which case simply remove the chip from the "Rows" drop zone.

    See below for some screen shots.

      • Ray_Buechler
      • 4 yrs ago
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      ez Thanks...I can't believe I missed that! 

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