Analysis Services Dynamic Management Views as IMDB Data Source


I have an Excel file with that uses custom .odc files as data sources with a connection string to analysis services and MDX query to pull back DMV's.

Connection String along the lins of:

Provider=MSOLAP.8;Persist Security Info=True;User ID=user@microsoftonline.com;Initial Catalog=Model;Data Source=asazure://uksouth.asazure.windows.net/model;Safety Options=2;Update Isolation Level=2

With CommandText:

SELECT [cube_name] as [Cube], [MeasureGroup_Name] as [Dimension], [Measure_display_folder], [Measure_name] as [Measure], [Description], [Expression], FROM [$System].MDSchema_Measures WHERE [Measure_Is_Visible]

Among others and these work fine in Excel. I would like to create a model based on the DMV's but cannot get Pyramid to accept any similar connection strings with queries.

Has anyone done anything in Pyramid using these and how did they get it connected?

Hopefully I am missing something.

Many thanks,


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    Hi Alistair,

    Unfortunately what you are asking for is not currently possible in Pyramid.


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