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Use single measurement as a fixed / set Measurement AND as a Dynamic Measurement at row level or in Calculation

Dear all

How can I create a measurement with a set/fixed value that any filter or dimension will not impact?  I am working in Higher Education, so my use case will be unique as it is not a commercial use case 😊

 As for dimensions, I have different courses.  For each course, I have a single measurement of Distinct Students.  Using that single measurement (Distinct Students) and Dimension (Course), I can develop a table indicating each course and then add the Distinct Students single measurements and apply different filters such as term and College etc., which will change the Distinct student value per course dimension.  The Distinct Student measurement is automatically updated every night during the ETL because the student enrollment may change daily.

Question:  How can I use the single Distinct Student measurement as both a set/fixed Measurement and a dynamic measurement to calculate, for example, the percentage of active students per course per day?  Remember that I only have a single Distinct Student Measurement. At the row level, this will change depending on other added dimensions, such as dates.

Background: My data is embedded in OLAP Cubes and Perspectives. 

I will value any creative advice or questions based on my unique case.

Thank you

Dolf Jordaan

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    Hi Dolf,

    Obviously I don't have your OLAP cube to demonstrate, but I do have an OLAP cube that contains a measure of distinct count of customers which I can analyse by dimensions such as country or product category, which are analogous to your course, term, college etc.

    Here's my simple grid showing distinct count of customers by country (students by course):

    I can create a new measure that is the total count of customers that will remain constant in my grid:

    Placing on the grid we get:

    We can create calculations between them, such as percent of all customers:

    Hope that helps.


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