How to include all Context in Action when Jumping from Present to Discover

I want to create a jump to content item action on a Present that carries over all filter values placed on a Discover in the Present. 


In a Present, I have a Discover with multiple slicers interacting with it. I create an Action that will allow the user to jump from the Present to a different Discover based on the same data model. The "include Context" box is checked off. 

It seems that the context of the specific item being right-clicked on in the Present is carried over into the Discover, but all slicer values from the Present are not carried over into the Discover; the user would have to re-enter all slicer values to see the relevant data in the second Discover. This behavior is seen regardless of whether the Action is created on the Present or on the Discover, and it is seen regardless of whether the actionable item to be clicked on is a cell, a hierarchy, or the report overall.

Is there any way to carry over all interactions on the Discover in the Present, so that the slicer values on the Present are applied to the slicers in the content item that the user jumps to?

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    • NPANS
    • 8 mths ago
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    If you have all the slicers in a Present dashboard injecting into a visual on the dashboard, they will all be included in the 'context' sent to the new Discover report opened via an action driven off the relevant items in the visual. 


    The context will NOT include slicers that are NOT attached to the visual obviously.

    If you want to do something different, you could perhaps try the 'Jump To URL' option. Start with the direct link for the target Discover report and then programmatically append/inject all the incoming elements as filters to the URL.  

      • John_Fonte
      • 7 mths ago
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       Since I posted this feature request, I figured out what was going wrong. Whenever a slicer (either on the Discover or Present dashboard - doesn't matter which) has the "last selection from User" box checked off in settings, that will override any context that would otherwise be carried over. I have noticed this problem when a slicer on a dashboard is disabled, but because the slicer was enabled on the Discover, the resulting output in the dashboard is as if the slicer was, in fact, turned on.

      Based on the above observed behavior, the real ask for this feature request is to have slicer values be synced between the dashboard and the Discover, while, at the same time, still keeping the "last selection from User" functionality.

      The Jump to URL workaround might work - obviously not ideal, but if it works, it works. With that said, I still want this feature request to be considered by the Pyramid dev team.

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