Applying conditional formats (colors) to elements for particular columns

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Can you please help us on having color formatting to different elements in the column as shown in the screenshot?


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    If you are using a Matrix grid then you can simply use the Formatting panel to format the member in the rows / columns. In the following example I want to format the manufacturer ‘Adihash’ in the rows areas of the grid.

    Select the element in the rows and select the Formatting panel > Rows option. Change the background colour.

    The Manufacturer > Adihash element will be formatted wherever the element is displayed.




    If the data is displayed using a Tabular grid option the formatting panel > rows option is not available. In this example we create a measure (Formulate > Calculation) and use it to format the row background colour.



    In the this example I have created a parameter (Global) to allow the end user to control which manufacturer element to colour based on the characters the manufacturer description starts with.

    Create a global parameter, type : text with input validation as shown below.



    Using Formulate > Calculation I then create a measure based on the relevant data model.



    If (StartsWith(<dimension/attribute>.currentmember.caption, <text>), RGB (221,86,49>, RGB (256, 256, 256))

    -          <dimension/attribute>currentmember.caption – read the current row manufacturer element description

    -          <text> - select Global parameter

    -          RGB(221,86,49) = orange

    -          RGB(256,256,256) = white



    In the Dropzone > Color area place the Measure Color element in the ‘Value’ area.

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    You can find this solution and many more in the Pyramid Knowledge Base. 

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