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Running Oracle Procedures inside a Model


Has anyone been able to run an oracle procedure within a data model?

I have a procedure that will return a populated cursor and another procedure which will not return any result sets but will need to be queried further up the flow.

Is this possible in Pyramid?

Many Thanks,


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  • Hi,

    You may need to alter the logic of the procedure to push the data in to a table, instead of returning a data set, and then run a sql select from the table with the data.

    executing the procedure can be run via a custom sql code like any other sql code, you may need to add a select from dual just in case the custom sql requires  a select statment.

  • Hi Michael,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I was hoping that I can run the procedure like you said and return a select statement but it looks as though this is not working for me.

    The only approach I can think of is running the procedure on a hourly task away from Pyramid but I was hoping that there might be an element I can use within the Pyramid data model which will allow the execution of procedures.

    Many Thanks,


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