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Hi All,

We recently upgraded to v6.5.2 but were wondering what your experience has been going from BI Office to Pyramid 2018 including converting existing storyboards and reports.  We were holding off until Pyramid 2018 was a bit more established but we're having some problems with v6.5.2 (security) and am curious if making the jump to Pyramid 2018 is worth it.  Would love to hear your thoughts!

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    • Mark_Keip
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    Jesse Huijskes Can you share your experiences at one of our customers?

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    • Alister_Hill
    • 5 yrs ago
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    Hi John,

    We had a few bumps and hiccups. Missing features, bugs with updates, migration tool not liking things etc. I think we are now 95% migrated and pyramid support have been great. Overall I do think they could have waited a bit longer before releasing Pyramid 2018 - but I think it is there now. Especially with the migration tool being RTM.

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    • Jesse_Huijskes
    • 5 yrs ago
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    Sure. We are currently migrating all content to Pyramid 2018 from BI Office 6.52. We initially tried to migrate the content using the initial version of the migration tool, but that wasn't a success as most of the content couldn't be converted (reason unknown, but could be that things have improved since last migration tool update).

    At some point we decided to do a complete rebuild of the content, and design new storyboards (about 20 storyboards), as the new product has a greatly improved look and feel and overall customer experience over BI Office. So far, rebuilding the content in Pyramid 2018 went pretty smoothly and no major issues were found.

    For our customer, there was only 1 feature that is still missing, as I described in this topic: https://community.pyramidanalytics.com/t/x1b8q7/add-the-ability-to-manage-user-options-in-the-context-menu.

    (Data) Security hasn't really been an issue for us since we manage that in SQL Server Analysis Services (currently the only source for Pyramid 2018).

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