Dashboard Gallery: Market Basket Analysis

Market Basket Analysis Dashboard

Guided Analytics overview for a dataset coming from straight from SAP Retail. Additional its possible to easily combine it with data from any other source.

1. Selector and Filter

This dashboard shows two filters and the additional text below guides the user what to choose to move on.

2. Stacked Bar Chart

The Stacked Bar Chart with a dual axis, shows Orders and Margins based on the selections above.

3. Market Basked Grid

Adding a Market Basket analysis from the Analytics Market Place enhances this grid, now showing combined product probabilities for a given market basket.

4. Chord Diagram

The Chord Diagram is one that can be added from the Visualization Marketplace via Formulate. It shows the relationship between different products. And is completely integrated with all other graphics.

5. Line Chart

A simple line chart showing product lifted by hour after the inital shop

6. Static Explanation Panel

Wrapping up the dashboard is another text explanation that gives details about this analyis.

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