Models and alternatives to “scheduled” time to process

Outside of pyramid analytics I “know” when my data is available (that my model needs to downsample and append to an memory database)

rather than having the model run at specific time of day can I trigger a model to run via script?

otherwise I would love to see a workflow sample that compares the result of 2 queries:

if results match then proceed to process the model

Else if results don’t match wait 60sec and loop back to retest the 2 queries

(probably need a counter or ultimate timer so after 2hours “alert” that model was not run) additionally, can that alert go to slack (which I already have integrated)?  For messaging i only see options to e-mail or sms (both are less desirable in my infrastructure)

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    • Michael_Daun
    • 1 yr ago
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    To be honest: I have no practical experience with this requirement - but of course it seems to be useful and I am sure that we will soon need a comparable functionality for our models...

    Since I did not find any trigger options when defining a schedule for model processing, I focused on the master flow of the model definition. There I find at least building blocks for conditional statements and loops that can be placed between the "Data Flow" and the "Data Model" blocks, which should result in the model being executed/refreshed only when the conditions are met.

    As said above: I have not implemented/tested such a scenario yet, but it might be worth a try! 😉

    • NPANS
    • 1 yr ago
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    You can run a schedule using the REST API's. Look for "runSchedule" in the help.

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