Increase gauge size - Too much whitespace/real estate


I'm adding gauges to a new presentation, but I'm finding that they take up too much real estate. The gauge might be X width, but then either side is loads of whitespace. As well is lots of whitespace between the title and labels.

Is there a way to increase the size of the actual gauge to reduce this whitespace? They take up too much space in presentations, and it doesn't look neat when you have a few next to eachother, especially when compares to how they looked in BI Office Storyboards. I've looked in a few places and can't find it.


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    • Alister_Hill
    • 5 yrs ago
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    I've found setting the background to the same as the presentation can help, if using a solid background. It would be nice to have a 'transparent' background.

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    • AviPerez
    • 5 yrs ago
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    Gauges will be reviewed in early 2019 and many of their design flaws will be addressed.

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