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I am currently trying to figure out how to parametrize a URL in order to link directly to a Present whose data would be filtered by the other application. Basically when a user clicks on a link it will show that data instead of whatever the default is. So far I have found two ways of doing URL Parameterization in Pyramid

filter=[Data Hierarchy].[Value]

target[targetName]=[Data Hierarchy].[Value]

The filter method only seems to work in linking to a discovery so that doesn’t help for the present.

While the target method does work it leads to a couple of other issues being:

1. A Target cannot update a slicer, so while the discovers will update, slicers will still show the default value. Which could cause some confusion for users

2. It also means we have to create a target as a middle man which requires adding a new interaction to each discover that would use it. While not much of an issue the question is, is there a better or more direct way as it’s a bit inefficient when needing multiple parameters.

Basically the question would be are there other way to add URL parametrization to a Present? Or maybe more specifically a way to pass the parametrization to a slicer either directly or indirectly?

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    You cannot interact from a target to a slicer in the current versions of Pyramid. This feature, however, is coming soon. 

    Without a target, you would have tremendous difficulty directing your parameter injection to the right item in your Present. Its the easiest way to effect that flow logic - and it takes almost no effort to wire things up with the interaction tools.

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