how can i insert a 60 second pause before next iteration of while loop??

assume i need query result from table1 to equal query result of table2 before having a model "process".  i thought there might be some sample pql statement that would be similar to "sleep 60" before running the queries again.  (alternatively I am looking for better way to launch my model rather than the include "schedule every day at xx:xxPM)  externally i know when my data is loaded for other parts of my tech stack.  i would love the syntax of some URL to hit that would start my model.

...also shouldn't webhooks be a valid "messaging" destination in addition to Email and SMS????  

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    Use REST APIs to trigger a model's schedule externally. 

    • Michael_Raam.1
    • 1 yr ago
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    You can create a loop in master flow and have one of the steps in the loop do a wait vs the DB source you use or use one of the PQL time functions for the sleep / wait.

    Once the loop is completed you can add the condition to run the Data Flow and Model processing or quite the ETL.

    In TSQL you can use "WAITFOR DELAY"

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