Date Members in formulas

When I create a Date with a formula, using several functions, Pyramid seems to work fine:

 When using common date functions with the created dates, everything looks correct to me:


Also, when doing calculations with those created dates:

 However, when taking Members directly from a Date Dimension, things happen differently...

With common functions:


Making  calculations:

 So, it looks like it takes Date Members as null...


Any explanation? Maybe is there something to do on Model App?

Thank you.

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    Hi Federico Riera ,

    The key concept to understand here is that cube elements are not the same as values.
    Now() and DateSerial() return date-values, and date functions (year/month) can be applied to them.

    Members, however, represent selection-points within the cube. When selecting a member such as 2022-05-18 you are actually referring to a section within the cube and in this scope of your expression, you are getting the value of the default measure filtered down to the date 2022-05-18.

    You can cast the Member's value into a date value, using the CDate function and member_value property. After casting the element into a date you can do use it in other functions:

    Hope this clears things out,

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