One Publication, Two Servers/Data structures, One Slicer?

I have two main data sources -- two databases on two different servers that have related information, but "close, but no cigar" data structures. 

Is there a way to make a "dummy" data structure for purposes of the Publication, so that I can have a single Slicer that I want the Publication to iterate over all members of?

For purposes of the Publication, imagine I have a dummy Slicer called Team, where I want to get four publications for Team A, Team B, Team C, and Team D. 

Within the Publication, I have Discovery items off Server1, where the equivalent for Dimension for Team has instead four members like ATeam, BTeam, CTeam and DTeam; and I have Discovery items off Server2, where the Dimension Teams has instead for members like A, B, C, and D. 

Obviously we read that straight off and see they are equivalent. But how do I get the Publication to know they are, so that I don't get empty reports for the server 2 if I iterate through server 1's Team dimension, or vice versa?

I'm envisioning something like a Dummy dimension Publication Team where I tell it server1 Team.Ateam = server2 Teams.A = Dummy Publication Team.Team A, but haven't found any Q&A or obvious entries on this topic. Sorry if I missed something!




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    Use the 'model mapping' function - to connect the 'dots' between the the 2 data sources. Given the complexity of the logic, I would assume you need to use the 'advanced' mapping options.

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