Condition Or / And in Model Data flow functions

how can i apply a condition Or / And in calculation column ?

this syntax generates an error :

if([Test_CP] !=="P" or [Test_CP] !=="F" ,"Chambre double","Chambre particulière")

This one too :

if([Test_CP] !=="P" || [Test_CP] !=="F" ,"Chambre double","Chambre particulière")


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    • Itamar_Birenzweig
    • 6 yrs ago
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    Hi Laurent,

    Currently, you can use the "equals" function  instead of the equals sign.

    For example, you can try something like this:
    if(equals([Country],"US") || equals([Country],"UK"),"English","Other")

    However, we currently do not support using "not equals". This will be added soon.

    As this is the case, perhaps instead of using not equals, you can see if reversing the order of the items in the if statement.

    • Laurent_Jamet.1
    • 6 yrs ago
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    Perfect, thank you.

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