Data bar indicators in discovery matrix grids 'didappaear' when all metric values are negative

I have 9 custom metrics presently displayed in a matrix grid. These were all built (to the best of my knowledge) in an identical fashion. I have applied conditional formatting to each of the metrics. The indicator type selected is data bars in each case. I have a single metric where all values are negative and the data bars are not rendered. The same data however is rendered with the other 7 indicator types available.

As an example, I have prepared some sample data of random integers. The four columns, left -> right, are:

⍺:  random integer between -100 and 100

β:  random integer between 1 and 100

γ:  random integer between 1 and 100 with first row manually changed to -1

δ:  random integer between -1 and -100

 I think this is genuine, having looked at quite a few instances today. I've probed this on versions 2023.00.075 and 2020.28.140.

Best wishes, Dave

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    Hi Dave,

    I've reproduced the issue with similar data to the example above. This appears to be a bug. Can you please open a support ticket by emailing support@pyramidanalytic.com.

    I have a workaround for you though. Instead of setting the bar size to % of Max, set it to Linear, with the smallest bar set to min and the largest bar set to max, as you can see for the Epsilon measure below:

    It doesn't give exactly the same result, as the smallest bar will be set to the minimum value rather than zero, but as these are indicators only and not super accurate bar charts, designed to impart the impression of the difference in size of the relative values, I think it will do.

    Anyway, hope that helps.


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