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Hello Pyramid Community,

is it possible to select the function 'last non empty' for Measures in the modell pro designer?


I want to show the last filled amount for the month.

If the last amount isn't the end of the month, the last child function shows an empty cell. 


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    Hi  ,

    Currently we do not provide a "last non-empty" aggregation method, just "last child".

    It has been researched, but we've yet to find a performant solution that will give this result. Every approach we've investigated leads to very slow query times. It may come in the future, but is not here now.

    One way to find the last non empty is through dynamic lists. Create a list of all the dimension members, then perform a non-empty filter on the list, using the measure concerned, then pick the last member of the resultant list.

    Here we're taking all the dates, using a nonempty filter based on the product BB Ball Bearing and Returns, then take the last member of the non empty list:

    Hope that helps!


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