Dashboard Gallery: Four Analytics Types

Dashboard Gallery: Four Analytics Types in one view


Decision intelligence has four time perspectives when working with the existing data. This Dashboard shows what the different Types are and what kind of reports you could use.


Descriptive Reports - Analyzing the Past

In descriptive reporting we take available data that has been collected and slice, dice and analyze it to get a deeper understanding of what happened. As we already know where we are, descriptive analytics is the best way to see how we got to the current situation. This is the first step to understand the situation.

Diagnostic - Probing the Data

Diagnostics analytics still works with data from the past, but we add derived analysis. Using Statistical methods we can find Root Causes and Drivers. Pyramid supports this with AI Driven Analytics at your finger tips.

Predictive - projecting the future

At this point in our journey we turn from the past into the future. Pyramid allows you to add predictions based on past data with a few klicks. This gives you a first idea how thing will develop, given none of the external parameters change substantially. We can also add scenarios with different parameters in this stage.

Prescriptive - recommend actions and insight into the future

Prescriptive analytics is the end goal of any analytics journey. Taking the data, process it, analyze it, predict the future and then offer solutions to solve certain scenarios before they reach a critical point. Here we have combined Tabulate to perform the business modeling and Solve doe decision modeling / optimization to answer the question 'What should I do?'

Pyramid Analytics offers you a combined platform that connects to all your data, lets you work with it and then gives you suggestions on how to optimize your future.



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