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I've been asked if Pyramid can replicate a report a team currently have. 


The report has some summary information, and then some comments which the underwriter would input. I said they can't input claims so they suggested I could manufacture the comment using data within the system. So I created a column which concatenates several key fields, but these fields can also have multiple rows. 


In SQL i can use STUFF to combine the multiple rows into a single column, and I can add line breaks using Char(13)+Char(10) but I was wondering how that would appear in Pyramid as a column i.e. would it recognise that these a line a break, and in the table drop a line for each line break. I would want it to have a new row , as its just comments relating to one row of data.


So for example a column like this: 1. Claim 1 - Incurred Value $200k - Loss due to negligence. 2. Claim 2 - Incurred Value $250k - Loss due to Storm. 3. Claim 3.... and so on? 


would appear like this 

1. Claim 1 - Incurred Value $200k - Loss due to negligence.

2. Claim 2 - Incurred Value $250k - Loss due to Storm.

3. Claim 3.


Would this work natively or would I need to do anything prior to going into model?





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    • NPANS
    • 2 yrs ago
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    Instead of doing it in the SQL, why are you not building a proper analytical query that returns the relevant values in a grid, then use the dynamic text tools to build the commentary logic and text using those values?

    I would argue this is significantly easier, more dynamic and the better approach to writing data driven comments than SQL. 

      • samuel_alma
      • 2 yrs ago
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      NPANS agreed. We build a huge amount of data driven analysis and commentary in dashboards and publications like this. I have even built an entire analysis document that generates 2 pages of text using this approach, to explain outcomes in the operations using a whole bunch of different queries. When the data changes (or we slice it differently) the commentary changes accordingly. 

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