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Line Banding, different bandings for different classes. Swap dimensions.

Is it possible to have a dimension switch similar to how we deal with measures, so a set of buttons to pick x or y dimension? 


The reason being I have a report which shows exposure, now some classes have quite small exposures and others have very large ones. I've created line bandings for these exposures and been asked that if we select A class it shows Y line banding and if its B class then it shows Z line bandings. I figure the best way for this is just have the user pick one, but otherwise I can't think of the best way to do this? any ideas? 




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    • NPANS
    • NPANS
    • 1 mth ago
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    It seems there is no dimensional switching. However, we have used the "mini tab" layout feature in Present, to switch between different visuals based on slicers or buttons or other input. So, put chart #1 with dimension A in tab A, and then put chart #2 with dimension B in tab B. when the user changes the 'class', switch the tab and the visual. Also, you can hide the tabs, so it looks like a real switch. 

    • Ian MacdonaldAdmin
    • Team Lead - Product Management
    • Ian_Macdonald
    • 1 mth ago
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    Hi Nick,

    As NPANS says,  Class A and Class B seem to be from the same dimension. If Class A and Class B are sets of  members of the dimension Exposure, are you talking about colour coding with the dynamic banding based on the sample set of A or B?

    This could be achieved with two dynamic lists, class A and class B, with a Variable List to choose which one you want. Then define your banding using the dynamic banding option in the KPI builder.

    Like this:


    In this case showing the columns as green if they fall within +/- 1 standard deviation of the mean, red if they are outside this band. The banding is defined dynamically depending on which set of Members (in this case Products) I select.

    Happy to share the logic and approach if you're interested.

    Hope that helps.


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