Dashboard Gallery: Business Modeling

Dashboard Gallery: Business Modelling

This example uses Tabulate to blend data from 2 different data sources (Actuals from Finance system and Budgets from Planning solution), and additional calculations and formatting have been applied. Parameter sliders have been added to allow users to apply percentage changes, see impact verses budget and simulate real world outcomes. The same data is reflected in a board room quality dashboard with additional Information to make the results actionable by management.

Business Modelling in Tabulate/Solve

Tabulate allows business users to combine data from multiple source systems SAP or a DWH, and further enhance with calculations, formatting and visualizations. 

Adding the Modeled Data into a Dashboard

In a second step the results of this Model are seamlessly incorporated into a Boardroom Quality Dashboard, together with additional Graphics following the IBCS standards. Using the integrated approach avoids customers to fall into a Spreadsheet Trap, as all the Modelling, Reporting and Security is kept in one central system.

If you want to know more about Business Modelling with Tabulate in Pyramid, leave a comment below.



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