OpenAI Integration - How to view the query of the "AI driven value"?

When creating AI Driven Values with ChatGPT, is there a way to view the current query of a column? We didn't find a solution for that and by extending the discover with ai driven values, this could be really helpful.

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    Hi  ,

    As descripted here:

    The ChatGpt function is agnostic to the query. It's actually a generic function that you could use in other, non-query, parts of the application, such as the Dynamic Text in the Presentation/Publication/Illustration apps. 

    Within the formula application you would need to describe in the input of the function what you'd like to ask ChatGpt.
    You can test out the creation of the question by simply removing the function call, and thus see what the question would look like for each data point in the query:

    "What is the population size? for: " + [customers].[Country].currentmember.caption + ". Return result as a number"

    You can use the either pyramid PQL library to construct the question, as you would any other calculation, but at the end, the question itself needs to hold the data that will be sent to ChatGpt.

    P.S. if you are trying to ask a question on top of the result set, you can look into the Dynamic Text option inside the Presentation app. As I said, the function exists their as well, and depending on the exact use case, maybe it would fit in better there as opposed to a custom measure.

    Hope this helps,

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    In the upcoming release, we offer an extension to this idea in the data flow for retrieving data. This will work in batch and materialize the data as well - making it more efficient and cheaper.

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