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From and To Parameters not working in dashboard.


I've implemented 'from' and 'to' parameters for GAAP accounting periods in a discovery tool. When I adjust these parameters, the tool correctly updates a range aggregate and provides accurate results.

However, when I move these parameters into a dashboard setting, the results are inconsistent. The numbers provided do not match the expected results from the discovery phase.

Could anyone provide insight as to why this discrepancy is occurring and suggest potential solutions? I notice a warning on the interaction manager - see screenshot


Thank you for your assistance.

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    • Ian MacdonaldAdmin
    • Team Lead - Product Management
    • Ian_Macdonald
    • 3 wk ago
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    Hi Nick,

    Make sure that only one of the target parameters is selected in the interaction. you can see here that both target parameters are selected, leading to the warning:

    Make sure that only one is selected, the From parameter to the From check box in the Parameter interactions and the To parameter to the To check box in its interaction Interaction:

    Hope that helps.


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