Make maps less that 180x180

How can I override the bottom limit on the size for view on the canvas.  It appears that it automatically goes to a BAN when the width or height is <=170 px.  In the viz below I'd like to make Hawaii map smaller.  Is that possible?

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    • NPANS
    • 8 mths ago
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    Right click on the visual panel, Visual Options > Miniature Off

    • Anne_Seaman
    • 8 mths ago
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    Thank you.  It helps to know that.  Unfortunately the Map Box icon takes up most of the space.  It is not scaling with the size of the viz. In the top view below,  I moved DC over to east cost where I want it.  And I enabled the data label, so I wouldn't need the title and subtitle.  While the data label appears to fit in Discover view (bottom image) you can see that it doesn't in Present.  I looked for a way to move the label outside of the map graphic. But it is grey'd out even after disabling Default Labels. 

    I'd really like to have an outside label for the itty-bitty states in the northeast.  I'd like these labels to match color for the state shape.  I'm gong to have to try a different approach. 


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