Dashboard Gallery: Financial Services II

Dashboard Gallery:
Financial Services Dashboard II


This Dashboard was developed as a showcase for a fictional investment company. It has three panels that give a user a good overview about the status of the company, individual investors and branches.

High Level Performance Overview for the Company 

The Main page gives an overview about the status of activities in the company. Main KPIs on the Top Left Corner. Below a spotlight on New Customers and Investments.

The right side consists of three visualizations. A Line graph, showing Activities per Channel and a trend.

Below an Aster Plot with Loans outstanding per Age Group (this is an example of a Custom Visual from the Pyramid Market Place) and a stacked bar chart for outstanding Loans per Type.

Detailed view per Investor

This page can be user in a discussion with a selected investor. Simply Filter on the Investor and the overview gives you four KPIs on the top. A bar graph for a quick fund Analysis. A Scatter Plot visualy displaying the different investments. And finally a detailed list of all assets under Management. From each of these reports the user can use the Explain More Feature or drill deeper into the data.

Branch Overviews

On the final page, the User can get more detailed information on the activities in the Branches. A matrix on the left combines KPIs, Visuals and Line Charts. IN the middle a Bar Chart Displays Encounters which is backed up by the Maps. Below we see stacked charts to display Trends.

Finally we see AI generated Text, that summarizes Basic Facts from the Data as well as Trends in an easily readable form.

If you have questions, or need help to build your own dashboard. Leave us a comment below.



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