Dashboard Gallery: Sales Pipeline Analytics

Sales Pipeline Analytics Dashboard

This Dashboard brings together five panels, that offer rich data on the Sales Pipeline on a glance, including Forecasts. 

Here are the details

1. Top Panel

On top of the Dashboard we see a Matrix Grid, displaying the three main KPIs of the Analysis. Matrix Grids can be added in Present, based on any Discover you created

2. Company Fit & Sales Forecast Amount

 This Bar Chart showcases a list of Opportunities across different Sales Stages in a vertical Bar Chart. Additionally the colouring can be used to indicate Sales at Risk or other relevant KPI's

Via Actions the Dashboard can be set up to directly jump into the relevant Opportunity data or to a linked webpage.






3. Company Industry & Lead Source

This scatterchart vombines Company by Revenue, vs Forcasted ammount, so each company along the 1:1 axis moves according to the Forcast, to the left is behind schedule, to the right before sheduled volume. The colouring shows the lead source of the opportunity.

4. Drillable Map based Forecasts

A drillable Shape Map, show the sales per State, the colour indicated the status vs. forecast. We can see immediately that we do not have sales in Wyoming. Drilling should show us WY.

5. Sales Forecast Trend

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