change start of week in Data Flow (Advanced Time Intelligence)

Hi everyone,

I managed to successfully use the Time Intelligence widget to change the start of our fiscal Year and training week, as advised by Avi Perez in the Product Ideas forum.

note: In the advanced widget I set my Start of the year as 29/03 Current year and the start of Week as "Sunday" and Data Model Target is a MS-SQL Server.

I'm attaching my results below, as it's returning a strange day/week combination in the result.

 notice that the weekday number is correct, yet the "week" allocated is incorrect.

ie: in my weekday number the start is correctly computed as Sunday, yet in the "week" it comes through a Saturday. 

Please share any suggestions if you've perhaps come across the same issue.


Cheers and thanks in advance


Fadiel Ras

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    Hi Fadiel,

    This is fixed  in 2020.10. Please upgrade and retest.

    Hope that helps.


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