Dashboard Gallery: Customer Survey Analysis

Dashboard Gallery: Customer Survey Analysis

Knowing your Customers is key to growth and profitability. Our Customer WilliamReed encapsulates this in their Lumina Intelligence Product. Their Convenience Tracking Programme provides user data with shopper data on all categories to support insights, so category and sales teams can grow within the convenience channel. The tools are built to save time with automatically updated monthly reporting. You can always find an up to date live test version of this Dashboard at the Lumina Site.

 More information about this program also in this video:



Lets dive into the dashboard. In this Dashboard Example we look at three of a total of eight Panels that take a user through the details of a Customer Survey Analysis for a Retailer. As said more on the rest directly on the Lumina site.

Key Metric & Location Analysis 

This simple looking display allows the user to see Key Metrics across the outlets. The Key Metric can be switched on the lower left with a click on any of the Radio Buttons. Additionally the top left features a write up of Dynamic Text that explains the Numbers in an easy to read manner. The text is automatically generated derived from the Data.

Demographics of the surveyed users

 The next page shows the distribution of the users surveyed. Its split in five visualizations. Age by Retailer, Life Stages (defining household size etc.) and Age of the Children in the Household as Bar charts on the Top . On the Bottom line the Gender split and Social Grade per Retailer as Donut Charts

Motivational Drivers to Shop at Store

 This final pick of our eight Dashboards drills into the answers the users gave: What made them visit the store? On the Left the Reasons why selected this particular store and on the right a display on the reason why they went shopping at all.

Let us know if you have more questions about this Dashboard and how we built it.



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