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Hey all,

We have a hierarchal table like the one shown above with simple data in the table and this table is hosted in Redshift. When I do cascading slicers so 1 interacts with 2 interacts with 3 etc it takes about 20-30 seconds for the slicers to load (in present) as it seems to pull the whole table and use an 'IN' statement in the SQl. Our table isn't very large (3400 rows) so I would assume it should take around 1 seconds or less not around 30.  It works quickly using highlights but very slow when using data interact on the slicers.

Has anyone had this problem and managed to improve and optimise cascading slicers? Thanks for the help,


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    Hi Fergus,

    We'll take a look at this.

    Meanwhile, maybe you could try creating a hierarchy in your dimension in the semantic model  and try a Tree slicer using that hierarchy, thus avoiding the cascading slicer requirement.

    Pyramid has extensive support for hierarchies even when defined against Direct Query relational sources. In my experience, hierarchies can be extremely useful, not just in streamlining and making more efficient these types of cascading slicers, but are very powerful when combined with Model parameters and PQL calculations.

    Hope that help.


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