Nested Switch Operators in a Set?

Are nested Switch operators supported in a set?  It seems as if the set designer allows you to drag a second Switch operator onto the path of one of the options generated from a first Switch operator, but then things get weird if you try to configure the second Switch operator (i.e., if you pick a different parameter to drive it, the first Switch operator is removed).  This would be nice to be able to have "cascading" set selections based on two parameters -- one that allows for an overall selection (for example, select between different sales territories) and then another that allows for different selections based the first parameter selection (for example, if US is chosen, select different sets of states depending on sales person selected or if Europe is chosen, select different countries or cities depending on sales person selected).  Or something like that.  Possible?

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    • Marais_Kruger
    • 4 yrs ago
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    Yes, it is completely acceptable to nest switch statements. What you are describing is weird, it might be a bug on your particular version (The latest release doesn't have the behaviour that you described).


    E.g. it is completely legal to do the following:

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