Maintaining Formatting when Exporting to Excel

Hi all,

New user here still getting to grips with the product.


I am currently in the process of trying to replicate some of my company's reports that are in a standard format in Excel. When i create a similar format on 'Discover' then export this to Excel, all formatting will be lost and the information will appear as plain text in the generated Excel worksheet.

I have tried the above with both the Present and Publish tools but with the same problem.

Could anyone help me out please?


Thank you all in advance,


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    Hi James,

    Export to Excel outputs the data content of the Discover view, or  in the case of Publish and Present, creates an Excel workbook with the data from each query on  a separate tab in raw format. This is by design and is provided as a way of creating Excel data workbooks which can be scheduled and automated, the output usually forming a data resource for further Excel editing and processing like pivot tables, or as data tables input into other Excel applications.

    If you want a specific format for your output, format it in Discover, create a formatted publication counting grids charts, text etc.,then output the Publish item as PDF. If you are exporting to Excel to do specific Excel formatting, then it is expected you will reformat the data anyway.

    The idea is be able to deliver formatted reports form Publish, with full automated scheduling and delivery, bypassing the need to use Excel for manual formatting and delivery.

    Hope that helps,


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