Point Design" Grayed out

I am trying to change or design a new data point symbol. when I click on the "Chart Tab" and then click on the "Data Points" menu item the "Point Design" item is "Grayed OUT".

How can I change the design of the data points from Circles to something else. I want each line to have a different symbol so folks that are color blind can differentiate the different lines in a black and white slide.

See the attached screen shot.

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  • Actually you can change the points of the line chart.  I figured it out on my own.  Here is how.  Create the chart as a "points" chart.  Then right click on the point in the chart.  Then select "Series Options" then "Edit Series".  then a "Series Editing" dialog appears.  From here you can Change the "Chart Type" to line.  This will then add the lines and data points together.

    This is pretty tedious since you have to edit the series options of each line.

    See screen shots below.

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  • Nice!

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