More than 1 independent data element on a table?

Hi, can anyone explain to me if it is possible to have more than 1 data element in a row or column and they remain independent of one another?

As an example, if I'm trying to recreate a simple table such as the one pictured, and I put two of the elements in my Rows (let's say Race/Ethnicity and Gender) what I will inevitably get is the gender breakdown of each race element, NOT 2 separate aggregations. 

Hope that makes sense.  Any insight would be appreciated.

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  • Hi Aaron,


    To my understanding, you wish to see sets from different hierarchies, stacked one after the other.
    Like: Race, then Gender, followed by Age, and so on…
    You cannot do it in one query because of the MDX language limitations.
    However, you can work around it by creating separate grids (queries) then add them together in one Storyboard.

    Alternatively, If the members are from different levels of the same hierarchy, you can do it by simply creating a set that uses the Union function.

    The easiest way will be to create an “Advanced set” with the advanced set designer.


    please see my example:

    1. Click on the Row attribute that you want to build the set on.

    2. Add a new set from the “Advanced Set Designer”.

    3. Click on “Add element” and select the Dimension and hierarchy, then by right
      click select the level you want to add to the grid.

    4. Click again on the Add elements and add another level to the set.

    5. The result will be the two levels set, one under the other in the grid.


    Hope it helps.

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  • Thanks for the reply.  I was wondering if it was a limitation of the tool or my own understanding of how to use it.   I will experiment with creating separate queries and then piecing them together. 

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