How do we add two data items for one Hierarchy


We are in the beginning stages of setting up Data Models and Data Discovery. We are attempting to show a count of Number of Open Accounts and Number of Closed Accounts for each of our branches for each month. We can successfully get one or the other to work, but not both to show for each branch. When we add the two date hierarchies, I looks like it shows us when accounts that were opened in that month, were closed.  We would like it to follow the format of the attached snip. Any help is appreciated!

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  • Hello AnnMarie,
    Apologies for the delay in response.

    I created a small Excell file according to your description.
    The file is attached, but here is a sample of it.

    Uploaded it using Start/New Data model and selected "Count" as a measure.

    Then opened the book (attached) and selected Measures in the columns and Branch and Status in Rows.

    I think this is the result you were looking for.


    If your source data is structured differently, you can add a sample data on Excel so we can help you achieve the result you need.

    In case your content is confidential, you can mask it with fake data, or submit a new request on our support site (Or we can ask to move this post, directly to our support site, if you choose to do so)

    Kind Regards.

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