Conditional formatting in charts

Hello Team,

Can pyramid have the option of  conditional formatting in charts.

for example : 

 value is >70% the bar will be Blue color ,

If the value is <70% and >30 % the bar will be Green color

If the value is <30% the bar will be Red color .

Note:  Column  chart have only one measure(Revenue)  when we select the  slicer  2005 then it  must be show  only blue color bar chart, 2006 then it must be show only Red color bar chart, etc...

column : Bikes

Row: Measure : Revenue

Slicers: Year



Venkata subba reddy

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  • I have been using a solution that John Hormaechea provided to me a while back.  In your case, you will make three calculated measures in BI Office.  Each calculation will return your base measure's value if the range criteria is met, otherwise it returns NULL.  You then add all three measures to your chart, using a stacked bar.  Each measure shows up as a different series that you can pick the color for. For example:


      WHEN [Measures].[Revenue] < .7 THEN [Measures].[Revenue] ELSE NULL
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