v4 Maintenance Renewal Procedure

Pyramid User License Renewals

The license renewal process is a 2-step cycle that involves:
1. Generating a Renewal Request for a given maintenance period/month and sending it to Pyramid.
2. Processing a license renewal file that has been received from Pyramid.

Generating a Renewal Request

•Click the Maintenance Renewal Processing button. In the dialog box, choose Generate Renewal File.


•From the drop down box, select the month of renewals you wish to create a request for. All client licenses expire at the END OF THE MONTH in which they were activated, usually 1 year later.

•Click Generate.


•Once generated you will need to Click the Save "PaNewLic" file button and download the file to your local system.


•This file should be emailed as is to Pyramid Support, who will process the renewal request.


Processing the Renewed Licenses

•Click the Maintenance button. In the dialog box, choose Process License File.


•Browse for the "PaLic" renewal file, which was sent to you by Pyramid. The file will be uploaded into the system for processing.


•Once processed, the dialog box will close and you can confirm that licenses were renewed.


NOTE: Please pay attention to the success message.
In any other case contact Pyramid Support.

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