BI Office 6.31 Released

Oct 27, 2016 
Version 6.31 Release Notes

(File attached)


New Features



Query engine

  • New query optimization switches added in Data Discovery under the Query tab > Query Options dropdown:
    • Total Optimization - Similar to the Optimize button, this optimization switch employs the NONEMPTY function but does so only within the total operation when it is used in a query.
      Should be used when totaling performance is poor.
    • Context Heuristics - This will inject the EXISTING MDX function explicitly into the query as needed. Highly nested queries with sibling hierarchies on a specific axis (column or row) can see dramatic improvements in performance.
    • Measure Optimization - Improve query performance when using multiple hierarchies, not from the same dimension and Measures on Columns/Rows.
  • Significant improvements in large payload handling between client and server


  • PAS content imports without query pre-checking
  • An option to enable the Query PreCheck was added to the ProClarity BBK Importer.

Admin console

  • New switches added under the Setting tab > Networking > Authentication:
    • Lazy Groups Lookup - Improved login performance by getting users’ active directory groups.
    • Use Directory Cache - Improved login performance by using server to cache settings
    • Support Nested Groups - Improve login performance by disabling support for nested groups if not needed.
  • Server status checks are now off by default.
  • IP Resolution performance improved.
  • New switch for Community function

Issues Addressed



Data Discovery

  • Improved Clustering stability.
  • Fixed an issue where a blank space appeared in a grid.

Story Board

  • Fixed an issue where an exception is thrown when deleting a comment.

Power BI

  • Fixed an issue where PowerBI Content is not overwritten when uploading the same PowerBI content with the same name.


  • Fixed an issue where complex cascading slicers that work in Silverlight fail in HTML5.
  • Fixed an issue where complex cascading slicers produce incorrect results.
  • Improved stability for the Multi Select Drop Down Box.
  • Fixed an issue where an ArgumentNullException is thrown when making a slicer selection.
  • Fixed an issue where maps with a query based on a parameter throw a JavaScript error.
  • Fixed an issue where making a selection in a Hierarchy Tree Slicer which is based on a rugged hierarchy throws a JavaScript error in a certain scenario.
  • Fixed an issue where a 'getSlicerUniqueName' error is sometimes thrown in a dashboard.


  • Fixed an issue where a Publication Flow Grid width is not constant across all pages.
  • Fixed an issue where a Flow Grid is printed on a single page.
  • Fixed an issue where when printing a storyboard the slicers are printed in the opposite order.

Admin console

  • Fixed an issue where Users and Roles tabs are temporary disabled.


  • Improved performance of importing and exporting content.


  • Fixed an issue where a large grid with an annotation took a long time to render.

Client Engines

  • Isolated Storage improvements and tweaks.

Legacy Content

  • PAS content import optimizations when content includes custom calculations

Grid rendering

  • Improvements in grid component rendering – especially on large query result sets


  • Improvements in English and Hebrew localization.


  • Several speed improvements in reading content from content store database
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