Migrate Button Not Visible

Hi there,


The migrate button is not visible in the right click menu when I was trying to migrate a file between platforms. Some help please? Both platforms have the same version of BI Office.  




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  • Hi Xuan,

    Some items in the right click menu in the Folders section of the Backstage are only available with specific licensing options. In this case I believe that the "Migrate" option is only available if the BI Office server extension pack is licenced.

    If this option has not been licenced, you can work around it  by exporting the View / Storyboard / Publication to a .paxl file, copying the file to the target server, then Import the .paxl file on the target server:




    Note: you can select and export / import multiple items in one go if needed.


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  • The issue was because in order to get this feature to work you need to be some classified as some sort of Admin role in BI Office. Once that is done then you will see this option in the context menu. This definitely seems to be a big flaw in the design that we need to enable users to be at minimum a User Admin in order to migrate and promote their content to a new environment. This is simply a streamlined process versus the export / import functionality and users should not require any Admin level permissions.

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