Sales Rep listed twice in chart, combine to one line?

How do you use the collaps function in Multi Elements. I have a sales rep that is in my table twice and i would like to add the two lines together in pyramid. Please let me know if there is anyway to do this.


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  • Can you share an image to illustrate please?

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  • Please see attached picture. Thanks

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  • Hi Anthony,

    Ok, so it's not the chart, it's the grid ou are referring to.

    This seems to be related to the underlying data.
    SSAS group items based on their unique key ID.
    Although we are seeing a duplication for the sales rep name, it could be that in term of data records, SSAS identifies it as two different individuals.

    A way to see the key for the selected member/s and open our MDX editor.
    This way you can detect if the identical names has different keys

    I was wondering if you are using analysis server or Tabular?
    If you need us to investigate deeper, I suggest opening a support case on our support site HTTPS://support.PyramidAnalytics.com or send an email to Support@PyramidAnalytics.com


    A way within Pyramid to merge the two, is to create a custom member, you can name is the same as your sales rep, then add that CM to your selections.

    Hope this helps,
    Kind Regards,

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  • Hi Yakov,

    This is great, is there away to do more then one team meber at once in the Custom Member field?



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  • Hi Anthony,
    You can, if the intention is to unify all the instances of a specific sales rep.
    But with custom members, you can create any calculation you need, not just aggregations.

    You may review our tutorials, click on Data Discovery, then on "Create a Custom Calculation ..."

    Hope it's helpful.

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