The Query Alert ‘Error’

When running a large query that is over the limits (set in the admin), the following warning message may popup:

“Query Alert: This query has a cell count of X and exceeds the processing limits (which is limited to a cell count of 350,000) Change the query selection before continuing.”

The problem is related to query sizing. Pyramid has a very incisive query sizing mechanism designed to prevent overwhelming queries from crashing the server(s).

If the "Non Empty" filters are NOT switched on, the query is not running because it is going to produce a huge result set. If the user turns the non-empty switches on in Pyramid, they will be warned but not stopped.

Users can also elect to have non-empty on by default in the user options panel found on the Query Ribbon of the bioXL (Data Discovery).

This can also be set for the entire application from the Administration console.

In June 2013, the defaults and upper limits were:

  • Cells – 350,000-750,000
  • Rows – 25,000 -100,000
  • Columns- 25,000-50,000

These values can be modified in the Admin limits settings.

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