Editing of KPI Gauges

By David Novick, Pyramid Analytics Technical Writer

This blog describes how to edit KPI gauges within BI Office. These instructions apply to both types of KPIs:

Gauge Ribbon

To edit a KPI gauge, click the Gauges tab in the Data Discovery tool. 

NOTE: The Gauges tab becomes active after you assign the “Gauge” option to one of your report panels. 

General Formatting

The General Formatting commands apply to the entire gauge, as described below.

Specific Formatting

To format each type of gauge text separately, use the three sections highlighted below:

  • Status (shown in blue)
  • Title (shown in orange)
  • Value/Target (shown in purple) 

 Gauge Elements

The various gauge elements are presented below.

NOTE: The small red circle denoting the trend is present for SSAS KPIs, but not for Custom KPIs.

Gauge Outlines

Use the Shape command to determine whether a KPI gauge will be outlined with a square or a rectangle, as shown in the example below.

Multi Gauge Layout (Auto Trellising)

When displaying multiple gauges, use the Layout command to control how many gauges will be included in each row.

Example (Auto Trellising=2)

In this example, we select 2 squares in order to display 2 gauges per row.


Example (Auto Trellising=3)

In this example, we select 3 squares in order to display 3 gauges per row.


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