Hide Element (Attribute) column at Drill up level


Any suggestion ,how to hide element (attribute) in report based on condition ?

I have financial class Column which I want to hide when  other columns at drill up level 1 (top) and display only when drill up at lower level 3rd OR 4th)

in SSAS they have those properties that Hide member if parent level are blank OR NULL


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  • Vijay,


    To assist understanding your question, please provide some more detail, perhaps a mocked up screen shot or two. We do fully support SSAS capabilities but I don't think hide member will address your request.



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  • Hi Vijay,

    If I get your scenario you would like to show different columns based on drill up/ down on rows.

    For this scenario let me suggest the following option.


    1. Create a MDX expression that returns the level of the items on rows.

    Exmaple: AXIS(1).ITEM(0).LEVEL.NAME


    2. Once you have the level value you can use it to create a dynamic set on columns


    when AXIS(1).ITEM(0).LEVEL.NAME = "Year"
    then {[Measures].[Cost], [Measures].[Discount], [Measures].[List Price], [Measures].[Over Head], [Measures].[Price]}
    else {[Measures].[Sales Discount], [Measures].[Net Profit per Item], [Measures].[Net Profit], [Measures].[Profit per Item]}


    When the level on rows is "Year" the year related measures are displayed:


    When drilling down from the "Year" level to the "Quarter" level a different set of measures are displayed.


    Please let us know if this is what you had in mind.




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  • Michael Raam 





    Vijay Patel

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