Nested series

Is there a way to nest series on the x-axis?

For example, I would like to have stacked column charts.  Each column color would represent a different measure. 

The x-axis would be broken out by a series, but I would like two columns per member based on time.  The closest I have been able to render flattens out the two series.

I have attached an example of what I am trying to do.

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  • Hi Tim,

    According to the attached image,
    It seems that what is bothering you is that the chart column nested names are vertical and not horizontal.
    Unfortunately breaking columns nested names functionality is unavailable.

    There are several option to tweak the axis labels which you might find useful.

    • First option is to modify the label properties.
    1.  On Data Discovery go to the "Chart Tab". 
    2. In the Chart Elements section, click on the "Axes" drop down and choose More Axis options.
    3. On "Chart Label Formatting" choose the "X-axis" (in our case we want to modify the columns nested names) 
    4. On "Label Angel" Unchecked the "Auto angel" check box.
    5. Now you can play with the scroll bar and rotate the column.
    6. You can also use the "Axis Proportion" to change the proportion of the nested name so it'll fit the chart condition.

    • Second option is using "Scrolling charts" Tab.
      It will allow you to expand the chart and add space between the labels.
    1. Choose "Scrolling Charts" and a scroll bar will appear under the chart.
    2. Just click on the right side of the scroll bar and drag it to the left and the column names will be horizontal .

        Hope it helps.
        Good luck.
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  • Thanks.  That will help me out a bit.

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  • Our users would like to see nested series on the x-axis as well since they are accustom to how Excel column charts group. We've attempted using the tips provided above by Dvir, but in our data, we have up to 3 series that we would like to have nested. Currently BI Office shows long and difficult to consume x-axis labels with few options to customize. Is there a way to request this axis options be added to BI Office soon? 

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  • Eric - For the current version of BI Office Dvir is correct. For the next release of product from Pyramid Analytics you will not likely see any axes changes within Data Discovery but the dashboarding experience will be more flexible, possibly providing an alternative to your issue. More to come in the upcoming months. 


    Thank you - John Hormaechea

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