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Publishing Fails with "The Version of Power BI in Pyramid Analytics Does Not Yet Support This Version of Content"

  • 6 yrs ago

When a new version of Power Bi is released, the Power BI Engine within BI Office needs to be updated as well. If it is not up to date, a user might receive the below “Publishing Failed” message when publishing to Pyramid.

Administrators can check for the Power BI Engine version in the Status tab of the Administrative Console under the System Checks section.

Administrators can make sure that the Power BI Engine is always up to date using the Auto Update feature in the BI Office Administrative Console.

This feature is located in the Settings tab > Power BI.

The current version of the Power BI Engine is 6.2.3446.1901 and it supports Power BI version 2.36.4434.362 and older.

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