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BI Office 6.54 Hotfix to Correct Microsoft December 2019 Patch


In December 2019, Microsoft released a software upgrade for .Net that created a critical error in the standard .net code affecting cookies. While we cannot ascertain why their patch is not backwards compatible or if Microsoft will remedy the problem they have created, we are supplying a hotfix in BI Office to accommodate and solve the problem for our existing customers.

From our investigation, the error only affects customers who deploy BI Office using forms authentication or federated forms (programmatic) authentication. If you are not using this feature, there is NO NEED to apply this fix.

This urgent fix, while localized and small, does require an upgrade to .Net 4.7.2, since the existing .Net run-time used for BI Office (4.5.1) has no remedial capabilities of its own - in spite of Microsoft applying their patch to that version as well (!)

Steps to Upgrade

  1. Please follow the standard guidelines for upgrading BI Office (included in the installer disk image). If possible, we are recommending both a backup of the repository database and a snapshot of the host Virtual Machine before the upgrade (if you're using virtual technologies).
  2. Download the new version from the BI Office portal (v 6.54.3520.2020), and run the installer as per the standard upgrade instructions on all affected machines.
  3. The installer may start by requiring the installation of .Net 4.7.2. Please proceed with this stage and install it. You may then need to reboot the server, before restarting the installation as normal and completing the upgrade.
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