Adding a grand total to a stacked column or bar

I like to have my cake and eat it too.  Oftentimes, I will find myself needing to create a stacked bar or column chart while also including a data point or a data label for the grand total of each stacked column. 

I found that its pretty easy to accomplish this:

  1. Place a hierarchy in your columns axis.  Selected the All member plus the children underneath the All member.
  2. Place your second hierarchy within your rows axis.
  3. Place your measure in your subset.
  4. Format as stacked column or bar.
  5. From the ribbon, show data labels on the inside.
  6. Now, right-click and edit just the series for the All member.
  7. Change this series to just column or bar as opposed to stacked column or stacked bar.  This will place the All member as a standalone bar or column behind the stack.  If it shows up in front of the stack, you can send it to back.
  8. Change the data label for this series to show the label on the outside.

The result will look like the image below:  there is a data label for each member of the product dimension, plus an overall data label for the summation of each stack.


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