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BI Office 6.50 released


July 2, 2018

Release Notes 6.50 (File attached)

Here's a link to the BI Office customer portal where you can find and download this new version.

Issues Addressed




Communication Tier:

  • Fixed an issue in the Microsoft .NET WCF communication framework, where performance was uneven when placed under heavy loads
  • Load balancing:
    Fixed an issue where the failover mechanism did not engage in a timely manner


  • Fixed a login issue after an upgrade from version 6.44
  • Fixed a forms login authentication issue


  • Fixed a caching issue, where changes in a storyboard appeared to be unsaved
  • Fixed a Query Cache issue when using KPI gauges
  • Fixed an issue where editing of a KPI or Gauge style did not take effect when caching was on
  • Fixed an issue where a role change did not take effect in HTML5 due to a caching problem


  • Added TLS/SSL 1.2 support.

Data Discovery

  • Fixed an issue where instead of the default theme, an incorrect one was being saved when creating a new book
  • Fixed an issue where outside data labels were cut off on Bar Charts
  • Fixed an issue where a gauge component shows an incorrect value for the Target when using a Dutch UI language
  • Fixed a font size mismatch where font sizes of some chart labels are different than other labels although all labels are configured the same
  • Fixed an issue where an error message appeared after right clicking on a chart legend
  • Fixed an issue where subtotals were shown with grand total data in a specific scenario
  • Fixed an issue where selecting descendants/children of a parameter throws an error
  • Fixed an issue where cubes did not appear in the list when one of the cubes in the data source was corrupted
  • Fixed an issue where a slicer didn't work when a book was opened from a link


  • Fixed an issue where a slicer was not populated with data when the storyboard was opened from a link
  • Fixed an issue where a variable's default selection was shown as the variable name
  • Fixed a Conditional Display issue when using a variable


  • Fixed a font formatting issue with TOC
  • Fixed an issue where the browser became unresponsive after making a modification in a publication
  • Fixed an issue where an error appeared after clicking a jump button

Data Modeling

  • Fixed an issue where adding a Salesforce Data source failed in case TLS 1.0 has been disabled


  • Fixed an issue where Variable Interaction was not interacting on the first click, but only from the second one.  
  • Fixed an issue where a chart was not filtered correctly
  • Fixed an export issue with cascading slicers
  • Fixed a storyboard geospatial issue related to Hebrew characters in a grid
  • Fixed a JavaScript error when viewing a map
  • Fixed an issue where KPI arrows were inconstant with the arrows that appeared in Silverlight


  • Fixed an issue where importing a PAXL failed intermittently when on a Multi-server environment
  • Fixed an issue where some custom elements couldn't be purged
  • Fixed an issue where the DSC did not work correctly with ProClarity Content
  • Fixed a DSC issue where an administrator was unable to update some content depending on its security role
  • Fixed an issue where the MDW, when running from the Admin console, was unable to find content located in private folders.
  • Fixed a MDW issue where content wasn’t updated as expected


  • Fixed a "GetCookie" REST API cross-origin issue
  • The ‘User’ object used in the APIs has been corrected to reflect its old signature.
    It now includes a new property for ‘ClientLicenseID’ to return ID’s as separate from ‘ClientLicenseTypes’
    You can read more about it here


  • Fixed an issue where Word cloud size and color measures names appeared in the printout of a publication.
  • Fixed an issue where the grid wasn’t aligned correctly in the Publication printout
  • Fixed an issue where an Excel publication was partly visible due to a freeze pane issue
  • Fixed an issue where it wasn’t possible to print/export items when using SSL if TLS 1.0 was disabled on the BI Office server

Admin Console

  • Fixed an issue where a communication error appeared intermittently




Online Help

  • BI Office help has been re-built into a single online help system, bringing together all the various aspects of help under one ‘roof’. The new help URL is “


  • BI Office now support  TLS/SSL 1.2
    For clients who had to disable their TLS 1.0 or 1.1 and use API, please read the following post on our community site


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