How are you locking headers/freezing panes in a Grid on a Story Board?

Hi everyone.  I'm a new BI Office user and this is my first discussion board post.

We are building Story Boards with KPIs, Charts and Grids, with HTML5 and mobile app users in mind.  In the Data Discovery Grids, I'd like to be able to "freeze" column headers and row headers such that as you scroll up/down and left/right, you still can see the column and row headers.  I'm aware that this capability is not yet provided out-of-the-box, and I know other Pyramid clients have also inquired about this.

We've tried a number of options, and while all options have benefits, they all also have at least one significant drawback.  (Publications, Silverlight, Power BI matrix, SSRS, etc.)

My question is... I'm sure my situation is not unique and I'm hoping someone else reading this has encountered and already solved this problem.  How have you solved this?


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  • Bill,


    You are correct in that in HTML5 the headers do not "freeze".  A workaround that may fit your needs is below.

    The video in this post shows the end result of a workaround that keeps a frozen header while allowing scrolling of a large grid in HTML5. There is a small gap between the header and grid but can work reasonably well for HTML5 and tablet devices.

    What I did was create a dashboard that had two views: one with the header I wanted and a row at the all level and one with all the data.

    1. For the header view, I removed all gridlines, changed the data text to transparent, and a standard color.
    2. For the view with all the data, I change the column headers to transparent.

    For both I used custom settings under the Grid tab in Data Discovery. You'll have to find the mix of color and text changes that best meets your needs.

    I had to change the headers for columns and rows to transparent or a standard color. Once done, you can create a dashboard with two panels and bring in the two views.

    It works for HTML5 browser viewing on laptops/desktops and tablet devices. If using on mobile phone within the BI Office app it will not work as each of the views is shown  separately.

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