Change SQL ConnectionString to BI Office repository

Change SQL ConnectionString to BI Office repository


  • SQL User/PSW has changed.
  • Or you need to move your BI Officerepository.


  • Services aren’t coming up.
  • Login failure to both admin and client.


  1. Change SQL ConnectionString in the config files listed below,
    You’ll need to locate the string, in your configuration files and modify the Data Source, User Id, Password and Initial Catalog with the SQL Server name, SQL User, SQL user password and database name respectively.

    <add key="SQLConnectionString" value="Data Source=SQL_SERVER_HOSTNAME;User Id=SQL_USERNAME Password=SQL_USER_PASSWORD;Initial Catalog=DATABASE_NAME;" />
  2. After making the change in all configuration files, restart BI Office services.

Here is a list of all configuration files in BI Office that needs to be edited:

For BI Office version 6.x

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Pyramid Analytics 6\DeploySettings.xml

C:\Program Files\Pyramid Analytics\BI Office 6\websites\paBio\Web.config

C:\Program Files\Pyramid Analytics\BI Office 6\websites\paBioAdmin\Web.config

C:\Program Files\Pyramid Analytics\BI Office 6\websites\paPbi\App\Web.config

C:\Program Files\Pyramid Analytics\BI Office 6\websites\paPbi\publisher\Web.config

C:\Program Files\Pyramid Analytics\BI Office 6\

  • Pyramid.Server.Router.exe.config
  • Pyramid.Server.Publisher.exe.config
  • Pyramid.Server.Application.exe.config
  • Pyramid.Server.Agent.exe.config
  • Pyramid.Satellite6.exe.config
  • Pyramid.Runner6.exe.config
  • Pyramid.Publisher.Renderer6.exe.config
  • Pyramid.Miner6.exe.config

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Pyramid Analytics 6\Pyramid.LogViewer.exe.config

For BI Office version 5.x

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Pyramid Analytics 5\DeploySettings.xml

C:\Program Files\Pyramid Analytics\BI Office 5\websites\paBio\Web.config

C:\Program Files\Pyramid Analytics\BI Office 5\websites\paBioAdmin\Web.config

C:\Program Files\Pyramid Analytics\BI Office 5\

  • Pyramid.Server.Router.exe.config
  • Pyramid.Server.Application.exe.config
  • Pyramid.Satellite5.exe.config
  • Pyramid.Server.Publisher.exe.config
  • Pyramid.Publisher.Renderer.exe.config
  • Pyramid.Runner.exe.config

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Pyramid Analytics 5\Pyramid.LogViewer.exe.config

For BI Office version 4.x

C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Pyramid Analytics 4.0\Web.config

C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Pyramid Analytics 4.0\paBioAdmin\Web.config

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Pyramid Analytics 4.0\Pyramid.LogViewer.exe.config

C:\Program Files\Pyramid Analytics\BI Office 4.0\

  • Pyramid.Satellite.exe.config
  • Pyramid.Server.Application.exe.config
  • Pyramid.Server.Router.exe.config
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