Setting Up Grid Images

by Forrest Dermid , Senior Sales Engineer

Have you ever wondered how to include the image of a product alongside the SKU? How about the photo of a property that is under analysis? Or have you wanted to generate the appropriate logo for the company being referenced in a document?

There are likely numerous ways this could be accomplished, but this blog post will review one approaches and highlights some of the settings.  One approach works with Pyramid Analytics) uses URL’s. The image approach will be covered in a later blog post.


The URL Approach

1.  Store the images in a web directory.

2.  Create a table and define two fields as referenced below.

     a.  tblImages (or whatever you want) and two fields: ImageName nvarchar 100,                 ImageURL nvarchar(max)

3.  Run the "URL Approach" from the attached document.

4.  Add the “ImageURL” field to the table being used for the SSAS dimension and add the ImageURL field as an attribute.

5.  Set the properties as referenced below:

Figure 1. Set the properties.


6.  The result will look like the following and now the image can be used in a Data Discovery view or in the Publisher report as the document is generated via the slicer.

Figure 2. Grid images displayed in a Data Discovery view.



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  • thanks. super useful.

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  • HI Forrest,

    I think your example uses Multidimensional model. Can this be done by using Tabular model as well?

    Thank you.


  •  Yes, tabular/vertipaq models can leverage a URL for images. However, Pyramid Analytics will currently need to leverage the multi-dimensional models for URL image references. The dimension properties in the multi-dimensional models "trick" the Pyramid grid field Vs reading the URL as a text string.  The following link, very old as it is, is an example and likely many more on the web:  https://denglishbi.wordpress.com/2011/12/09/using-database-images-in-tabular-bi-semantic-models-with-power-view/

  • Reading Forrest's response, it seems to imply that BI Office does not support image URLs in tabular models. This is not the case. Image URLs can be in tabular models as an attribute and the attribute categorized as an Image URL during the model build or in the metadata library in the Admin Console. From there on, it behaves just like an image URL in an MDX cube and can be displayed in grids in the row or column headings.


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